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I do love myself some fap worthy specs since I do like building pcs and such. When it comes to consoles and specs, what interests me is the approaches they take into picking them and what the end result of that ultimately leads to. You have a group of engineers that are well above all of our pay grades spending tons of R&D over the course of few years betting on the fact that their designs will make their systems a success for the next 5-7 years (or however long the generation lasts).

I will say that the next generation seems have some of the more interesting design choices.. From the way they took their approaches to GPU, RAM, SSD, Expandable Storage and etc, it will be interesting to see how it all translates into actual gameplay and performance. I think we are in for one hot and juicy holiday season!

And the end of the day, if FFVIIR works with Ps5 at launch through BC or whatever, it will certainly be on my fap list.


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