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super_etecoon said:

So the question in this thread is how into specs are you,

Not a lot, but im still curious with each console's launch. At the end of a console's life I value it based on what games it had that left a mark in me, not so much how powerful it was - so the true value I find is in each individual game's design, not so much on the console specs. At this point in time, specs are easy to ignore  because most games that can (and do) explode a console's potentional/power will look good and perform good either way - and are VERY few because most developers dont fully explode the specs of whichever console is the "most powerful" anyways because games are made to be easily portable across consoles. As such, specs are not a priority for me.  They become a bit more relevant when they involve backwards compatibility tho, because - as of today at least- that is the biggest added value any console can give me personally. Much more so than graphic and processing power, speed, portability, VR or motion controls.