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Azzanation said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

But you won't call it out when Phil does it?

It is about console sales for Xbox. Console sales determines which company makes the most money in the long run. Phil wants to claim otherwise, but the math disagrees with him. He's just a PR spin machine. If XB1 had actually managed to beat PS4 in console sales, he'd be singing an entirely different tune.

Ill call Phil out when something he says doesnt make sense.

The point is what iv been saying is correct. Steam, Apple and Android all showcase you dont need consoles to make a fortune in gaming. Am i wrong in saying that?

The point is i was proven correct by the actual CEO of Xbox. 

Phil clearly shifted the goal post when Xbox started losing.

You aren't just claiming that you don't need a console to make a fortune in gaming. You are claiming that getting rid of exclusives, and selling your games on all platforms will make more money in the long run, than using exclusives to push console sales.

And we already had that argument. I showed that using exclusives to move more consoles makes way more money in the long run due to console royalty fees paid by 3rd party publishers, as well as PS+/XBL fees.