watching video... intrest.

What I noted so far:

CPU: Zen2
8 cores / 16 threads (w. SMT (runs games best))
cpu @ 3.6 GHz

3328 Shaders , 52 CU's @1825mhz (about 12,15 Teraflops)

mem: (320-bit bus)
6x 2gb = 12gb (for gameing) (memory bandwidth = 560 GB/S)
1 x 4gb = 4gb (for OS)

SSD:  1tb  (2.4GB/S bandwidth)
thermal solution should ensure consistant performance.
hardware decompression unit, so it doesnt take up CPU perf.

The slightly weird:
FP16 (rapid packed math) used for machine learning, to give high quality DLSS.
Machine learning supports 8-bit/4-bit.
INT acceleration Max 97 TOPS (@4INT)

Hardware accelerated ray-traceing (amd version).

*** can run parallel to normal operation workloads, without effecting the other stuff.
This is a "extra" 13 Teraflops of Raytraceing workloads via parallel processing.

Might not have as hard a "hit" from useing Raytraceing, as Nvidia has on PC side.

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