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sales2099 said:
Random_Matt said:

One game and people explode.

At least for the diehard fans, imagine an entire culture imploding on itself.

The fans proudly claim that the pillar of their brand is the 1st party exclusives that set themselves apart from Xbox, especially with MSs initiative to put theirs on PC day 1. Now they can’t claim that, any exclusive is possible on PC now....people might just wait Sony out now. I’m anxious to see what the new emerging narrative will be to adapt to this new initiative. 

This is just the beginning of it. Eventually Sony will start adopting all of the initiatives MS had that were met with heavy criticism and concern trolling by the PS crowd. Big emphasis on services is already happening. First they started charging for online play, something the PS crowd swore they’d never do. Then other services like PS Vue, PS Now, etc. Their games have included the GaaS model just as much as Microsoft’s. Last of Us HD had disgusting micro transactions. Uncharted 4 had micro transactions and loot boxes IIRC. GT launched as an online service game. MLB has always been about selling Stubs. Now LoU2 will have a dedicated MP game, Im scared to see what kind of DLC stuff they’ll have in store after the first game.

As the tech advances you’ll see a bigger emphasis on cloud gaming just like we’re seeing from MS. You’ll see a big initiative towards BC now that they might be able to properly emulate PS3. You’ll see a bigger emphasis on stuff like cross buy and BC that not only works but can make vast improvements to older games. You’ll see a bigger push towards PC, because as us Xbox guys said all along, the cross over between the two userbases is just not that big. 

Even first party stuff, if this gen was any indication, will need a new narrative because Sony slowed way down and MS looks to be passing them by in terms of teams putting out quality content. ND is nice and all but if they put out two games a generation, meh? PD can make one GT game a gen, maybe two? 

It will be a very interesting generation.