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src said:
last92 said:

One game is all it takes to set an important precedent.

Rumors about ND games coming to PC, as well as previous comments by Cory Barlog regarding GoW, strongly suggest that many PS games will come to PC. I'm not exploding. I'm just making informed decisions based on available information. PS exclusives were literally the only reason why a have a PS4.

Herman specifically said this is not a precedent though. There are also no credible rumours of other SIE titles coming to PC other than wild speculation. 

You say informed, yet the very basis of your decision is the opposite of informed: speculative. 

I'm honestly surprised that you have so much faith in a Sony executive's words. Of course he'll say this is not a precedent a few months before the release of a new console. But what he says is not important, especially because he technically didn't say that HZD will be an exception. What's important is that a Sony founded first party exclusive is coming to pc after months of rumors that also said that more games will follow and while ND is/was looking for programmers that can work on nVidia hardware.

This is more than enough for me. I'll wait a few years before buying a PS5 and if more exclusives come to the PC I'll skip it entirely. As far as I'm concerned, Sony's taking too many questionable decisions lately, and this is just the one I can't let slide, especially now that pretty much all japanese devs (bar Nintendo) are releasing their games on the PC.