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d21lewis said:
victor83fernandes said:

360 had everything done right, I doubt they could do it again.

I remember the games, Oblivion, Table tennis, Fight night, Gears of war, Halo 3, Forza 3, rainbow six vegas, dead rising, Test drive unlimited, call of duty 2, saints row, FEAR, Ghost recon - advanced warfighter, Hitman blood money, call of duty 3, the godfather, Battlefield 2, phantasy star, Prey, need for speed, project ghotam 3, condemned and many more. All of these games before the ps3 even came to Europe.

If you really liked videogames at all, you had to have a 360 back in 2005/2006, I'd have waited a couple months for ps3, but that was a huge library of games already available in HD graphics with a fantastic controller that had vibration, I paid 360pounds in UK, the ps3 was supposed to be 500pounds without controller vibration. And it was backwards compatible with a lot of games.

As much as I loved ps2, I had to go 360. I ended up buying a ps3 when uncharted came out.

The fact that in the end the ps3 still outsold the 360 is mind boggling to me as a real gamer who enjoys games. It makes no sense. Its as if people bought into the brand instead of the best library. More so when the xbox 360 played a lot of Xbox games such as Baldurs gate, Black, Batman begins, Burnout 3, colin mcrae4, commandos 2, Constantine, crimson skies, doom 3, Fable, Far cry instincts, GTA trilogy, Halo games, Jade empire, Max payne 1 and 2, Medal of honor, Ninja gaiden, Panzer dragon, Prince of Persia, red faction 2, return to castle Wolfenstein, Shenmue 2, silent hill 2, soul calibur 2, star wars games, and many many more.

PS - I do not believe Microsoft will ever again have that library advantage, sony will not let them. And I wont fall for the talks about several teams and games coming, I remember how they fooled me with the Xbox X because a couple games were cancelled. 

You would have had to be crazy to chose ps3 over 360 at least for the first 3 years. Specially if you play online, xbox live was way better than psn back in 2006.

Even at a higher price, the PS3 had some good selling points. HDMI and Wi-Fi at a time when XB360 offered neither out of the box. Free online (which I still believe was only free to combat the success of XBL Gold) offering the "meat" of what XBL had to offer, a decent web browser, Linux support, etc.

I agree XB 360 had the better library for a few years, the better price (again, offering the important stuff people wanted in a console) and a better online service. Plus the 360 just kept offering features the PS3 hardware got later or never got at all (ie: External HDD support).

That damn RRoD, lack of quality exclusives later in the gen, and gamers just being loyal to Sony in more parts of the world was just too much to overcome. Still, going from hardware that sold like 24m to 80m + is something to be proud of.

That was a hell of a war. Wonder if we'll ever see another like it?

Back in 2005/2006 online gaming on consoles was not so popular at all, so the antenna being bought separately was a great idea to keep the costs low, I never bought one.

Not many people had hdmi either, but the component cables had great picture anyway, most people I new didn't even have an HD TV in 2005.

I agree with you on the free online, but if you ask any online gamers back then, they would rather pay for the much better service, psn was bad back then.

Lets be honest, most console gamers back in 2005 wanted a great console with a lot of great games and as cheap as possible. 

The only reason I bought one at launch was because PS3 came almost 1 full year later to Europe, so I couldn't wait, specially with Oblivion which was for me game of that generation.

That was not a war, Microsoft just had the advantage of 1 full year without competition as the only HD console on the market, even sony fans gave in.

Had sony released on the same week the story would have been very different.

Bear in mind here in Europe ps3 was almost twice the price, 360euros vs 600euros but I still believe had they released the same week, sony would have outsold the xbox by far.

Same thing this coming next generation, if xbox series X releases in November 2020, and ps5 would be delayed to November 2021, I would buy the X on launch day, and that would become my main console, I wouldn't wait.