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Snoorlax said:
Snoopy said:

I don't know which country or terrorist group would do it,

The United States government is the world's only terrorist group ballsy enough to bomb/attack the United States of America as they've done it before you know, any other country or group that dares to attack the US does so with the US government's permission.

As for what i believe, is that people are increasingly becoming more ignorant and backwards thinking and behavior is becoming normalized while logical thinking and reasonable actions is shamed upon or outright attacked. 

If you're a Tulsi supporter like I am, you basically already believe this and are seeing this play out in real time XD.

But as far as the topic.. Hmmm, I think I remember the day of 9/11 being in class and legitimately thinking all of our major buildings were going to be bombed, starting with the Willis (then the Sears Tower) which was particularly frightening b/c I was and am in the Chicago area. Then again, I was like 13 and pretty naive and easily terrified at the time.

These days? I definitely fear this sort of mass cult of people that just grows wider and wider, brainwashed by media and eventually becoming so powerful that they're increasingly enabled and unable to be stopped as they wreak havoc. You look at the Nazis, or USSR Soviets, suicide cults, the Manson Family, or even how blacks were treated in my country in the 19th and even 20th century, and see that humankind is definitely capable of such collective madness. They reach this almost robotic sense of just doing what they're told and what their peers are doing even if it's abhorrent or evil. Completely incapable of self-reflection or critical thinking. And I see (subtle) aspects of that in the US already (on the left AND right). Cult-like mentalities - and the susceptibility of people to be brainwashed and mobilized into groupthink and eventually weaponized to cause harm - frighten the shit out of me. And especially now that most of our corporate media is owned by like 4 or 5 conglomerates, who can easily collude and influence a huge majority of the population, the potential for this is becoming increasingly real.

I think that's why the film The Invitation resonates so much with me. It's about the power of groupthink to carry out deadly, evil acts without a second thought. That's been a major fear of mine.

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