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Azzanation said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

It's true that consoles cost money to make and research. My estimate was an extreme lowball though. There's easily enough wiggle room in those numbers to make R&D costs and production costs disappear. 

Competition increasing? From what? Streaming? Stadia and the like are the 3D0 and Jaguar of the 2020's. 

Yes, less console sales hurts shareholders. 

As far as mainline home consoles go Nintendo has a pretty good track record for messing up. N64, Gamecube, and Wii U were all failures. NES, SNES, and Wii were successes. It's no surprise that a company that had two console sales failures (N64 and GC), followed by a huge hit (Wii), would drop back to low sales a gen later. So I wouldn't attribute that to luck. 

Xbox did indeed slip up, but Sony definitely handled this gen well. They made all the right decisions. Sony's excellent studios, good gameplay focused hardware, and consumer friendly stance took the market just as much as Xbox gave it away. 

I don't think Xbox will have a resurgence at all. They face a Sony that is coming off a PS4 high note, and horrible sales of the XB1 this late in the gen. If it does though, that would be a result of Sony throwing all their exclusives onto other platforms, and basically giving up on the strength of their brand. Even then though, I don't see Xbox ever passing 65 million lifetime sales ever again. 

Sony is basically Nintendo, but with full blown 3rd party support. They've raised their 1st party content up to Nintendo's level, while still getting pretty much every 3rd party AAA game. And remember there's way more money to be lost by abandoning their brand, than there is from a few extra PC sales. 

What Sony really needs to do is focus on improving the PS brand, while making PSNow a serious competitor to gamepass. That way when streaming eventually takes over, in ten years, they can dominate the streaming market as much as they dominated the console market. Instead, they seem hellbent on pulling a MS, and becoming a 3rd party developer that just happens to have a console on the side. 

The PS2 is considered the best selling console in history yet the 360 came out and halved Sonys Userbase.

The Wii was Nintendos best selling home console followed by there weakest selling in the WiiU.

Just because the PS4 sold so well doesnt mean its an autosuccess for the PS5. Those two points above prove my point.

Xbox is on the surge upwards, your lack of respect for the PS5s competitor is exactly what happen when the PS3 launched against the 360.

The console market is only so big, gamers will have more choices not less. The PS4 did not kill off its competition, it only created it.

src said:

Completely wrong. Having exclusives is the reason PS1/2 was dominating, is the reason the PS3 was able to gain traction and why the PS4 remains dominant. 

Exclusives -> larger userbase -> larger platform software sales -> larger sub counts -> more money to invest into exclusives and such

Larger Userbase increases by increasing your audience not reducing it.

WiiU, Gamecube, N64, Dreamcast all had exclusives, what happened there?

Wrong, playstation is destined to succeed no matter what, PS1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 were huge successes. The brand name alone guarantees it, even more next gen because its backwards compatible.

It doesn't matter the specs, or price or design, or quality or games, it will succeed, no questions about it. 

Xbox OG was a failure (25million vs 150million), xbox one too(50million vs 108million)), only the 360 was successful, and only because they had the cheap DVD with no wi-fi and no hard drive, and launched 1 year ahead of ps3. That won't happen this time around

But that 360 success is misleading, they had only 3 months warranty, and a lot of consoles were breaking due to RROD, so many of those sales were replacements, how do I know this? Because it happened to me, twice, I had the original replaced, and then the arcade version replaced, only my slim model survived. I'd go as far as to say at least 25 million consoles were replacements. So those 360 numbers were inflated, and even then ps3 outsold it anyway.

Here in Europe the 360 was 360euros, the ps3 was 600euros, and sony still outsold it with one year less of sales.

PS - Things could change if USA would conquer Japan, then xbox could have a shot at outselling the playstation. Maybe hundreds of years from now.