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src said:
While PC fans will continue to port beg, realistically this seems more like a combination of Decima already being on the platform and Horizon 2 coming presumably soon.
I think Sony will realise that the small software sales they will get on PC are not worth the brand hit of losing exclusives.

Even if Horizon 2 is coming to ps5, all ps4 games will be backwards compatible on ps5, so every single ps4 exclusive will be a reason to buy a ps5. Sony shouldn't put either ps4 or ps5 exclusives on PC.

Ps3 would be another story because they will not be on ps4 or ps5.

The very reason why sony is ahead of xbox in sales is because of the exclusives, take that away and the market will change.

If it wasn't for ps4 exclusives, everyone would have gone to xbox X on sales. It has more power, smaller design, backwards compatibility and quiet fan and better services.

In fact I had left ps4 behind when I bought my X on launch day, the thing that made me come back was

1 - exclusive games (but xbox has great exclusives too, such as Recore, Gears 5, Forza horizon 4, Forza 7, Halo collection

2 - VR which was more impressive than I ever imagined, why is Microsoft not focusing on VR? Blows my mind that Sony has that huge advantage and Microsoft doesn't seem to care. It really is important, its the future, and sony is already miles ahead.

In fact the best gaming experience I've had for the past decade was playing table tennis on VR, nothing comes close to that fun. Its a huge step up, the same as when I went from SNES to N64 (2D to 3D)

So much so that if Xbox series X had more power, more exclusives and cheaper price, I'd still choose PS5 just for the next VR.

Last edited by victor83fernandes - on 11 March 2020