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0D0 said:
method114 said:

I don't care if all the games go to PC but then I'm done with Sony consoles. I can just stick to my gaming PC at that point. In fact if that were to happen PC would be the mecca of gaming. All Xbox and Sony exclusives in one place.

In the terribly remote case Sony stops selling consoles, I would have to stop gaming. I don't see myself buying a gaming PC. Hopefully Sega will bring back their console business and Sony would be able to release their games on Sega. How wonderful would that be?

Why? PC is just a console with a lot more customization. If you look at the series X you are basically looking at a PC, no more no less. You can get almost any wireless controller to work on PC, my dualshock works, xbox one controller works, xbox elite works, ps4 pro controllers works, etc And then you get keyboard and mouse for strategy/management games.

I cant see how someone thinks this is bad. People need a computer anyway to organize their media and do some work.

Free online, cheaper games, backwards compatible with games from decades ago, you have more than 20x the amount of games that the ps5 would have.

Sega will never be back to console, because no one would buy one, who in their own mind would invest money into a sega when Sony and Microsoft have the console market on lockdown? A sega would just be another google stadia.