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sales2099 said:
victor83fernandes said:

If that is true then why buy consoles at all, just wait for the better PC version at cheaper prices.

Bringing console exclusives to PC means there's less selling point for the console. A PC gamer might still buy consoles for exclusives, but you stop having exclusives then PC gamers will be glad they don't have to buy your console.

That doesn't sound smart, might be good for a quick buck, but then the next exclusives wont sell as much as they could on the console, and you shouldn't want people buying on PC due to high levels of piracy and cheaper prices.

These practices will hurt console sales, just look at Microsoft, first putting their games on PC and now no exclusives for 2 years, I predict this will hurt their sales really bad.

Imagine if Halo, gears and Forza had never come to PC, can you imagine how many xbox ones they'd sold? Maybe double. How many people bought an xbox to play Halo? A lot, if halo was on PC from day 1, I bet xbox wouldn't even be a thing today.

In many ways a PC gamer and console gamer are two different groups. Millions from either side wouldn’t touch the other just because it isn’t their style. Most know that a console is convenient and hundreds cheaper then investing in a gaming rig. 

If Xbox’s exclusives didn’t go to Pc you’d see a few million bump nothing more. MCC on PC sold somewhere from 2-3 million. Better to capitalize on those who aren’t willing to come over to your side. I’m just glad Sony is starting a slow yet slippery slope where their console isn’t the sole destination for their games. To me, their principles are slowly eroding. 

That's is not correct, gamers are gamers, period, its 2020 no one is scared of PCs anymore they've become much easier to build. I was on PC until 2006 when I emigrated for work purposes, at the end of this year I'll permanently return home now that I finished paying my house. Just saving for a car.

Ill have a choice as a gamer, build a powerful PC which can replace my MacBook so basically that would cost me nothing as the MacBook is worth a lot of money.

Or buy a PS5 or series X depending on design, power, launch games. Price, With the advantage I already have a pro controller that works on PC.

I'd love a GT7, horizon 2, spiderman 2 etc, but on PC I could play enhanced games from several generations + emulators to improve my switch/wiiU graphics. And several games at very cheap prices. And free online.

Also console games take many years to drop in price back in Portugal, not like here in the UK where I can get a game 50% off after only 6 months. Back in Portugal I've seen PS4 games from 5 years ago still at 70euros (around 80dollars), GTA5 as an example.

The new consoles will be 500 + 130 for a couple games + 150 for a proper controller if my pro controller is not compatible + 50 for online = 830 dollars

PC parts will be better, cheaper and more power efficient come January, I could build a monster gaming PC for 830 dollars which would save me money long term on games and free online and I could go back and play older games like Mass effect trilogy in very high quality graphics.

The biggest deciding factor will be fan noise, this generation I went through 4 PS4s, the launch one was loud, then the destiny model was acceptable, then I got the pro was super loud, then I finally got the 3rd revision with Spiderman, its acceptable.

The xbox X is wonderfully silent, but I doubt the next gen consoles will have the budget for that cooling. On consoles you are stuck to whatever cooling they give you. Most people didn't complain on ps4 so I'm sure they will cheap out on that. I usually do not mind if the fan can not be heard over the headphones.

On PC I get to choose the cooling, thats a huge advantage.

Sony bringing exclusives to the PC is just one more reason to abandon consoles.

Last edited by victor83fernandes - on 11 March 2020