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method114 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Great for gamers, but a terrible business strategy for Sony. They should hold on to all exclusives for as long as possible to improve the Playstation brand. The new leadership at Sony seems hellbent on ushering in a consoleless future. This will not end well for them. 

What resolution? 1080 or 1440? What's your rig? 

I think it's a good idea if they are very selective like this. Especially if they only release the first HZD and make the second stay on sony consoles. Now if you wan tto finish the story you have to get PSnow or a Sony console. They should do the same with TLOU.

Mark my words. That is not their strategy. Bump the thread in three years when Sony exclusives are all timed for 2-3 years before going to PC. Bump the thread again in 7-9 years when PS5 has only sold 85 million lifetime sales compared to PS4's 110 million.