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Jaicee said:

Thought of this since today is no longer International Women's Day.

Men, for those who don't know, can kick as much ass as any women. Boys can be powerful AND sexy too, I say! But who among them kicks the most ass?

Let me say that I think Joel from The Last of Us is the best candidate because he's just a badass who happens to be a man, instead of the other way around like all of tha overpowered Gary Stus in mankini armor out there who r like "Look at me, I'm a man and I can do anything, so fuck you womanz!"

Also, I'll give mention to some of the men who had a major impact on video games. Here are my favorite male game developers:

-looks good in a plunging neckline at 50!


...Yes, this is a cynical, sarcastic, somewhat mocking thread that was inspired by another recent one. In honor of International Women's Day, Captain Explosion posted a thread called "Most Badass Women/Girls in Gaming", wherein we listed the cooliest female characters (and occasionally developers) in gaming according to each individual. I just thought I'd take a moment to highlight why society feels obliged to occasionally do these things, to occasionally take a moment in time to acknowledge the achievements of women (real or fictional) and such, by doing a little role reversal. When one reverses the roles, the absurdity of the situation becomes readily apparent. We don't need a special day or special lists to remember that men can do whateverz they set their minds to or that there are many outstanding men involved in games development or that there are male characters in fiction who are coolsies and capable and inspiring and all. But we have to consciously remind ourselves from time to time that women contribute to the world (or even to fictional worlds) too, lest we most likely forget.

In other words, there's a certain sadness to International Women's Day...which is that it has to exist in the first place. It's existence reflects the sheer lack of confidence that women have in ourselves overall. Maybe if society acknowledged the contributions of women to this world as worthwhile in the everyday, like it does those of men, we wouldn't need to have a special day. That is all.

"because he's just a badass who happens to be a man, instead of the other way around"

>I'm struggling to understand the difference.

As for thread title, I want to nominate Ryu Hayabusa. He's pretty bad ass and doesn't afraid of anything.