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Jaicee said:

In other words, there's a certain sadness to International Women's Day...which is that it has to exist in the first place. It's existence reflects the sheer lack of confidence that women have in ourselves overall. Maybe if society acknowledged the contributions of women to this world as worthwhile in the everyday, like it does those of men, we wouldn't need to have a special day. That is all.

Lack of confidence? Are you kidding? Women are, and always have been, incredible. As soon as people realize that sexuality, skin colour and gender don't mean shit, the better. History is dotted with female warriors and leaders. Even during wars, they may not have been on the front lines, but they were behind the scenes. Making ammunition, keeping families, and essentially, countries running. 

There's a 71 year-old woman who goes to the jiu-jitsu dojo I train at. World class. A champion. Brown belt. She could utterly destroy me in a fight. The strongest person I know is a woman, and she doesn't expect a round of applause for having bobs and vagene. I think people need to realize that sexuality, race, and gender don't define you as a person. It's what you do with your life that makes you who you are. It's how you see things, react to things. Your personality is what makes you, you.

Also, Women's Day shouldn't exist. Neither should Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Gay Pride, or any "day" that Twitter comes up with. You should celebrate love all the time, not just when megabucks corporations can make money off it.