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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

For like 3 years the multiplats looked better on X360, still Sony didn't had the need to push PS3 being more powerful or PS4 being more powerful for a lengthy time, strange right?

I remember plenty talk about the power of the CELL from Sony and the community. Multiplats looked better because “devs wouldn’t take the time to master the cell”. A popular line was “360 is now, PS3 is the future” which implied that the Cell would make PS3 future proof.

Clearly the fans care and discuss it online and that’s where this Tflop PR is addressing. I just find a double standard at play where power only matters when it seems the PS console has it.

Yes fans did that.

And there were several publications putting emphasis on the differences between the versions on PS360. Still that didn't make Sony talk about Tflops. And the talk about the power of cell was during the reveal and how it would be used in several other situations (never happen we know).

For me power still matters, only reason I didn't buy X1X is that for me the best games are the PS exclusives and for that the best HW I can use is PS4Pro. And I would prefer PS5 stronger than XSX even if more expensive (I know I'm minority) also have no issue saying X1X is stronger and that difference made it have more 4k games or higher res of most or all multiplats (if not higher that would be devs "fault").

Mr Puggsly said:
DonFerrari said:

I'll remember that when you try to put the PS4 selling over 2:1 X1 due to the launch problems.

The bad press certainly hurt MS, but selling for $499 at launch also really hurt potential sales. I feel that snowballs.

We can agree X1 would have sold better at $399 on day one. However, MS simply can't compete with Sony at equal price. Which is why I feel Series S should happen.

Sure it became a snowball, but all the biggest problems of Xbox 1 were solved on the first 6 months, the one that took until this year (exclusives) where were Xbox actually started stronger than PS4.

Yes Xbox 1 would have done much better without all the mistakes that we can agree, but not sure how much it would do without all the issues.

Mr Puggsly said:
DonFerrari said:

Why should I omit context?

MS was the one discussing Tflop heavily at the time, as sure were generic people on the internet. Trying to put it at the fault of generic people while ignoring the great sponsor, the same sponsor for the "most powerful console ever", isn't very good.

The people boasting about PS4's power was louder than Sony could have ever been. Again, it was everywhere on the interweb.

MS boasted power given that seemed important and it worked. The people on the web talked much less about power.

Sure they were, every gen fans are louder than the companies.

How did it worked if it didn't diminish the gap on sales on PS4 and X1?

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