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DonFerrari said:
sales2099 said:
MS wouldn’t be advertising the TFlops if every, and I mean every multiplat Xbox One and PS4 title wasn’t compared for resolution differences in the early years of the gen.

MS telling us what we all want to hear, despite some fan groups changing the narratives to save face. Not saying Xbox fans aren’t guilty of this, but in terms of system power we have been pretty transparent about our wants as a community.

For like 3 years the multiplats looked better on X360, still Sony didn't had the need to push PS3 being more powerful or PS4 being more powerful for a lengthy time, strange right?

I remember plenty talk about the power of the CELL from Sony and the community. Multiplats looked better because “devs wouldn’t take the time to master the cell”. A popular line was “360 is now, PS3 is the future” which implied that the Cell would make PS3 future proof.

Clearly the fans care and discuss it online and that’s where this Tflop PR is addressing. I just find a double standard at play where power only matters when it seems the PS console has it.

Last edited by sales2099 - on 09 March 2020

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