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Mr Puggsly said:

I disagree with you essentially blaming MS. This whole teraflop thing started with X1 and PS4 around 2013.

I believe Sony touted 4TF even before we heard about X1X's 6TF. It also made sense given all these specs were relatively the same, so the teraflop comparison had validity for 8th gen consoles.

I think MS has thrown out the teraflop figure for Series X for two reasons. First, to the average person that simply means significantly more GPU power and it certainly has that. Second, MS may be confident they have a more powerful machine for the next gen and want to boast.

Wrong, I follow console gaming news every day, without miss, and I haven't heard about teraflops being talked until they announced the power of the X.

But this generation, both the X and pro were under-utilised, because games were build for the base consoles, next gen if the games are build for the 9TF ps5, then 4tf will struggle a lot.

People might say 1080p, fair enough, but you can't even buy 1080p TVs anymore, most gamers have upgraded to 4k TVs or the next gen consoles will make a lot of people upgrade.

People who don't upgrade are the ones who won't jump to next gen so early as games will be too expensive.