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JRPGfan said:
ARamdomGamer said:

Well Blaze is a pretty competent character in the Sonic Rush games, a queen from another world that gets the job done.

"Shes a badass that just happends to be a woman, instead of the otherway around."

How can you tell that apart?

comes down to how you judge the character design, and beliveability of background story, and how the character acts I guess.

Sometimes its clear, they had the character was designed, they went, we want her to be sexy.... and a badass.
Like its some checkbox situation, where they just check down a list and then fill in the character from that.

Then you have a character thats wearing like a bikini in a middleage set war era, where everyone else is wearing plate mail armors ect.
Theres no justification for her being powerfull or acting like a badass ect.

I prefer them to put some thought into the character design and story/backgrounds.

No its simple you dont like the women from not sony games

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