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I wish Sony would delay the launch to March in Europe, let xbox launch first, and then launch later with better specs.

To be honest I still have a pile of games to go through, I still haven't bought a lot of essential games from these past years, and Im happy with the graphics on the Pro, also I just bought a nacon revolution unlimited controller, so that fixes the biggest ps4 issue the controller.

To be honest I'm having second thoughts about ps5, I might just wait and build a good PC, it will cost more, but then games are much cheaper and I can play hundreds of thousands of games, in fact I will just sell my MacBook so that will pay for the PC.

Sony will have to impress with ps5 to make me buy one instead of a PC. I can build now a 8teraflop PC for 650dollars with SSD and water cooling, but by January the same price will build a 12 teraflop PC

I love consoles, mostly because I've been working abroad for 14 years, but I realize consoles are expensive, I purchased the ps4 and then the Pro, and not all games are enhanced, and I'm tired of repaying for remasters, when on a PC you buy once and then up the settings as you upgrade the pc. 

Most of all I miss playing strategy and management games, which are bad with a controller.

Lets take an example GTA5, even tough ps4 is powerful, and gta 5 is a ps3 game, it still doesn't look good, nowhere near what I saw on PC. You can add AA and resolution as needed on PC. And its 60fps minimum.

Then the ps4 doesn't read most of my movies which are in HEVC, so a PC would do a lot more, then free online on PC

Also, with PC I can get an emulator and play my switch games in 4K with AA.

Last edited by victor83fernandes - on 05 March 2020