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Hiku said:

Issuing commands to allies would be useful, but that in itself isn't particularly unique to FF7R. So I guess if KH wanted to do it, they would have already?

What makes FF7R's version of it stand out is that your allies will never perform any commands themselves (aside from regular attacks), which means they'll never be unavailable to heal you because they're in the middle of casting fire or doing a Limit Break, etc.

So if you could give allies commands in KH, and assuming Square Enix still want your allies to use commands and abilities by themselves, we may often find that they're unable to cast the spell/ability/item we want when we want, because they're already in the middle of doing something else.

That should still be an improvement though. Time Freeze during menu selection might be as well.

Casting spells hardly takes time in KH, and it would only be a matter of setting your allies to not use mana on their own to not run out of it.

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