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Personally, I loved the gameplay of the demop.While I still would have preferred if it was completely turn based, the combat was magnificient.

And while playing it, I felt alot of the KH DNA was put into it.I mean, (God) Nomura is directing it, so it makes sense.Having said that, I believe there are two features from FF 7 Remake that could be used to enhance KH combat.

The first is the time freeze when selecting a spell and/or ability.I know that KH is more fast paced and more mob centric(as in the difficulty relies more on numbers, rather than harder enemies) but man, I feel that it could really fit with the gameplay.A tweak here and there, and could make some wonders for its combat.

The second is being able to issue commands to allies.Damn, that would be pretty handy.It would need to be adjusted to KH, since it has no ATB so there would need to be a sort of limit to how many spells you can issue, because you would break the flow of the combat otherwise, but I also think it would fit.

But yeah, I loved the FF 7 Remake demo!

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