eva01beserk said:
zero129 said:

This is the part where Goopy and you it seems is having problems. His and your whole argument is based nothing but speculation and wishful thinking and what he/you hope will be not the other way around. Show me what i have posted thats based on "Hope" . Goopy has been showing a number of times how what he hopes to be true simply isnt.

For instance Xbox Gamepass has no games that take advantage of high end PC's and wont till half way into nextgen, This simply isnt true as the is plenty of games on Gamepass already that look miles beyond what the current gen of consoles can do. Maybe you guys are just used to the upscaling that Xbox OneX and PS4Pro does but on PC we get more then just upscaled gfx.

Or how about MS isnt working on any Nextgen games yet?, MS themselves stated cross-gen will only last 1 to 2 years, so does he and you honestly believe that it will only take MS 1 to 2 years to make a nextgen AAA title?, if not then clearly they are already in development.

But like you said lets wait and see.

Again ..nothing I say will change your mind and what you keep saying just sounds like wishful thinking to me. All we can do is wait.

And yet this thread was made despite only having speculation. Users like zero and myself merely responding to negative and arguable speculation, just like users like you can respond to my speculation.