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src said:
SpokenTruth said:

SRC will call Switch owners thinking of Persona 5 coming their console as port beggers but won't apply the same label to PS owners expecting SMTV to come to their console.

Your kettle is just as black, good sir.

Persona 5 has released. 4 years ago. If you're still begging for a port then OOF.

SMTV has not. This isn't hard.

animegaming said:

Much older games got ported to the Switch, such as some recent ones like Metro, Witcher 3, Dragon's Dogma, Assassin's Creed 4, Final Fantasy X and XII. 

This argument is as valid as Nintendo and SMT are closely tied together due to Persona being the only SMT series on playstation while everything else in the past 10 years is either on DS, 3DS, or Switch. 

There is plenty of data that not only SMTV would do well on PS4, but Persona on Switch as well since a lot of JRPG fans tend to be Switch we have companies like NIS say that their games tend to sale better on Switch, exclusives like Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Xenoblade 2, that all sold incredibly sell.

Why is it so hard for you to accept that Atlus is just a weird company that prefers making exclusives over multiplats? No one is denying that SMTV would do well on PS4, we are all just pointing how weird Atlus as a company is with multiplats. 

None of the games you mentioned got the whole marketing collab with Nintendo. Atlus and Nintendo both have had plenty of events in that time to announce P5 for SW but all you got was a spin off. 

Not really. Every single Persona mainline game has been exclusive to PS. Meanwhile SMT 1-3 were not even on Nintendo, they were again PS exclusives.

Okay, but I'm just saying that there is good chance SMTV will come to PS4.

The franchise started on Nintendo and is an older then Playstation, in fact SMT3 is the only game in the mainline series that is locked to Playstation, in fact it is locked to Playstation so hard that its only on the PS2 and has no way of being played on modern Playstation consoles at all because Atlus seems to hate porting games to anything. 

I am honestly willing to bet you aren't even much an of Atlus fan, maybe just a playstation fan that doesn't want a series to go multiplat. Because you seem to have no idea how little Atlus cares about multiplats. Like why did they decide to mostly make DS and 3DS games for the last decade or so? SMT aint even their only Nintendo exclusive titles like Etiran Odyssey started on the DS and has several entries on both the DS and 3DS and yet the only way to play any of them is to have a DS or 3DS. Hell care to explain to me why there is no Persona 4 Golden port to PS4 despite these of Persona 5 sales you keep touting as to why SMTV is coming to PS4 and is currently locked on a system that flopped as hard as the Wii U?