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Mandalore76 said:

13 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 22.88 8.15 17.17 0.90 49.10
16 Sega Genesis (GEN) 16.98 8.39 3.58 0.59 2

Not to mention the fact that:

Here is a list of sales figures compiled so far, including sources:

This brings the total sold worldwide to around 39.7 million. The most widely-quoted figure of 29 million total units sold must therefore be inaccurate

The 29 million figure isn't inaccurate per se, the problem is that it wasn't really made clear what it really was.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive had shipped a total of 28.54 million units as March 1996 (source: Sega).

The final Genesis/Mega Drive total shipment reported by Sega was 30.75 million units (you can find it in any CESA White Paper report).

It doesn't matter if you source where a figure come from if the source itself is crap.

As an example looking at the above sales figures there are no proofs that Majesco's Genesis 3 ever shipped 2 million units (in fact the sell-through given by NPD for the US market is less than half).

Similarly the Nomad's figure has no solid backing.

The MD shipment figure for Japan is also wrong, MD final LTD in the domestic market wass 3.58 million units.

There is the case that Sega wasn't the only manufacturer of the Genesis/Mega Drive therefore at the official Sega total shipment of 30.75M you need to add the units shipped by others (the most famous of which is TecToy for the south american markets).

But even under these circumstances the total shipment for Genesis/Mega Drive is closer to 35M than 40M like that bullshit blog want to make believe.

Last edited by Endymion - on 29 February 2020