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RolStoppable said:
src said:

Next fiscal year would be close: PS5 could ship 6 million+, SW most likely will decline. 

Next one Sony will take it easily: PS5 should ship 13-15 million, so even a PS4 collapse of 5 million would beat Nintendo.

From there on Sony will continue to win for 2-3 years again.

This comparison is largely just seeing Nintendo's singular console vs Sony's and Playstation will win that considering its sales potential is far higher. 

Sony is the market leader not for that though. Its because they are dominating in revenue marketshare. PSN by itself makes more money than all of Nintendo. Playstation is now at the point where its revenue > Xbox + Nintendo. 

Nintendo is so far behind in its digital services

Sony isn't the market leader. They greatly benefit from a reality distortion field that arranges various metrics to make them look more successful than Nintendo when they really haven't been for the majority of time. One such example is in your post with the revenue argument.

But as the business world knows: Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity.

That's why people have to ask themselves how Sony can have such a hard time to make Nintendo-like profits despite achieving so much more revenue than Nintendo.

Playstation's revenue > Nintendo + Xbox revenue

Thats what you call dominant: Playstation's market share is now bigger than both its competitors combined. PSN alone is making more money than all of Nintendo.

Your business rule is completely wrong. Uber, Amazon, Netflix are all the market leader due to their revenue which indicates their marketshare. No competent investor says Uber, Amazon, Netflix are not the market leader just because their margins were low or negative lol


FY 2019:

Playstation - 311 billion yen

Nintendo - 194 billion yen

FY 2020 forecast:

Playstation - 280 billion yen

Nintendo - 180 billion yen

So not only is Playstation dominating marketshare, but its also dominating profits. 

Last edited by src - on 28 February 2020