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DonFerrari said:
Nu-13 said:

Now this is just priceless. For starters, math would do wonders for you since we have two months of data (not 1) for 2020 and a 45% decline would result in a little under 8m (not 6) for the year. Are you seriously complaining about me using 2020 numbers to predict 2020 numbers? What else do you expect me to use? 2014 numbers? 2015? History says the decline will not stop until discontinuation, so YES, I can use recent numbers to make estimations for this year and beyond. And the hell are you talking about sales curve? It's declining, no mistery here.

Instead of downplaying my predictions because you dislike the numbers in them, why don't you show your own predictions and argument why you think they will come true?

My LTD prediction is 120-130M and have been for like 2 years.

And which 2 years of data you have? VGC? Because NPD we have one month, Japan we have almost 2 (but it already declined there a lot), Europe and RoW we have 0. So I'm sorry if we don't trust your pessimistic prediction that PS4 could even not pass GB 120M even if it needs to ship about 10M for that.

Realistic =/= pessimistic. And again with this shipped stuff? SOLD THROUGH numbers are what matter and the gap between shipped and sold will quickly shrink until it eventually dissapears. It has to SELL another 14m after dec 2019 to reach 120m and that's unlikely at the current pace. And let me get this straight, you complain that I'm using actual recent numbers to predict future sales while you keep a prediction from 2 years ago based on old numbers?