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Runa216 said:
JWeinCom said:
So I have a weird trans bathroom related question.

My law school has gender neutral one person bathrooms right next to the men's rooms. I prefer to use these not for any gender related reasons, but because I tend to like as few people around when I'm doing my business. And, since less people use it, the bathroom tends to be cleaner as well... Or maybe people who use it are just cleaner.

At any rate, my question is whether or not it is frowned upon to use these as a cisgendered male? Is it sort of like a handicap stall situation where I may be taking up a bathroom that someone may genuinely need because they feel uncomfortable using the other bathrooms? Or, would most trans people just rather use the bathroom of the gender they identify with anyway? It's not like a big deal, but just something I've been wondering about.

You probably shouldn't be using them (You don't wanna be compared to Eric Cartman, do you?), but I totally get it. It's a bit of a gray zone since you're not doing any harm, but you're also sort of abusing the system for a service/accommodation you really don't need. 

But on the flipside, I'm of the belief all bathrooms should be gender-non-specific, as you're really not supposed to be checking out each other's junk regardless of your gender or identity. It's a similar argument I have against the 'you should get your kids circumcised becuase other kids might tease them if you don't' thing. Like, kids will find SOMETHING To tease each other over, and if they're playing with each other's penises, you have more significant problems to worry about than foreskin. Only tangentially related, but meh. 

Probably use the men's bathroom if that's what you identify as and were born as. 

Yeah, I sort of felt like that may be the case.  Although, I don't know if trans people actually want to use those anyway.  I should also add that as far as I can tell there are no openly trans people in my school.

But I think gendered bathrooms are a good idea in general.  First of all, I'm biased because women tend to take longer and there are huge lines at the women's bathroom and typically none at the men's room.  So the system works for me.

But also... men unfortunately can be really sketchy.  I can see where women may feel unsafe with men in the bathroom, and I don't think that's an insignificant interest.  Where trans people fit into this equation is something I'm not really sure about.  I would kind of be curious to see if male to female trans women commit sexual assault/harassment at a rate similar to cis-males, or cis-women.