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DonFerrari said:
Nu-13 said:

If you're going to make this kind of post, at least you should try to write a reasoning for your statement. As in, explain the relation between shippments being at 109m and you thinking it will reach 120m for sure.

MY statement was very clearly explained by math. It was at 109m shipped and 106m sold at the end of 2019. Sold through is what matters (difference between shipped and sold will get smaller and smaller anyway). A 45% drop in 2020 would lead to 114m and another 55-60% drop in 2021 would put it around 117m. The ongoing decline afterwards would lead to maybe another 2-3m sales before discontinuation. Given the rate of ps4 drop so far, those numbers are very realistic.

See the difference between an argument and simply dismissing what others said?

And it would drop 45% this year because of witchcraft right?

Come next week it will be around 40% down yoy. If you think another 5% or more for the rest of the year is witchcraft, that's on you.