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RolStoppable said:
Very nice to see this updated. It's a comparison worth showing to others because quite a lot of people seem to think of Sony as a near unbeatable top dog in the console business despite reality painting a different picture.

Nintendo's third win in a row is incoming with ~20m in the current fiscal year vs. Sony's 13.5m (forecast issued in late October, update coming soon). Then we can look forward to Nintendo's fourth in a row because Switch keeps selling well while the declining PS4 and upstart PS5 aren't going to be able to combine for a high enough number.

Afterwards comes the juicy year where people will be surprised that Switch sales stay high because for some reason they didn't expect Nintendo to launch Switch revisions and continue to make high profile first party games. Good times ahead.

Next fiscal year would be close: PS5 could ship 6 million+, SW most likely will decline. 

Next one Sony will take it easily: PS5 should ship 13-15 million, so even a PS4 collapse of 5 million would beat Nintendo.

From there on Sony will continue to win for 2-3 years again.

This comparison is largely just seeing Nintendo's singular console vs Sony's and Playstation will win that considering its sales potential is far higher. 

Sony is the market leader not for that though. Its because they are dominating in revenue marketshare. PSN by itself makes more money than all of Nintendo. Playstation is now at the point where its revenue > Xbox + Nintendo. 

Nintendo is so far behind in its digital services