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Nighthawk117 said:
The US will suffer another economic depression around 2030-2035. It will be caused by excessive amounts of debt: National debt,
student load debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt, etc...

The unemployment rate will reach a high of at least 25%. This depression will become a global one and last for several years.

This sounds realistic enough to me.

Too many people scam the system, that sooner or later all bubbles burst.
There could easily be another "great depression" because our current economic systems are too flawed.

More people "own" gold, than gold amounts that actually exsist in the world.
If ever person that has shares in gold, went to take out that amount they should own, there wouldnt be enough to cover everyone.

Theres tons of crazy sh*t like this, and its amasing that its all still running smoothly.
Bank industry has taken too many liberties, and theres too little regulation to prevent all this abuse, that its just a matter of time.