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Vodacixi said:
It's an awesome classic JRPG experience regardless of the platform. HOWEVER... the Switch version is exceptionally awesome. Exclusive story missions that give most of the main characters more background on their stories, orchestrated soundtrack, being able to call your horse almost everywhere, using the forge everywhere, japanese voice selection, photo mode, speeding up battles, the full game on a 16 bit mode, exclusive 16 bit side quests featuring past Dragon Quest titles... and much more little QOL tweaks.

I'd say if you can choose where to play this game... go for the Switch version. No contest.

Played on PS4 originally, would buy the steam version but waiting for the new tech. Forge everywhere? Used it to make the sword, elaborate.

(Just realized what you mean, not needing to find camps.)

Last edited by Random_Matt - on 21 February 2020