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Eagle367 said:

Interesting read. I guess I'm just a minimalist and don't care that much about the 10%. I mean I prefer switch over all other consoles for a reason

It depends on the type of game as well whether going big adds anything or is even detrimental. Playing a 2D platformer on a 200" screen doesn't add anything, just makes it harder to keep track of things. Super stardust on PSVR doesn't work at all since you can't keep track of what's coming. Even in Burnout paradise on my 92" projector screen it was much harder to concentrate on the road and the mini map in the corner to know where to go at the next intersection.

Of course on Switch you have a little screen in your hand so it's much easier to have clear visuals. BotW on my projector still looked good but was a little rough and fuzzy compared to Horizon Zero Dawn on the same projector. Then there's this fetish amongst developers to keep using smaller and smaller fonts. In GTA4 I already had minor trouble reading the small cell phone text on my 92" screen. Death stranding on my 52" 1080p tv, I have to walk to the tv to decipher what the destination is for lost cargo in the share locker, can't read it from the couch.

A handheld is easier to bring closer to your face when the text is small, same as a pc or laptop monitor. Games made for TVs and VR need to be way more careful about font sizes and other important details not getting lost in overscan areas or outside general fov areas. I've been playing Borderlands 2 on PSVR and there part of the hud is high in the fov intersecting the top edge of my glasses, so the top half of it is fuzzy above my glasses while the bottom half is clear. You can't change the position so I'm stuck with that.

Puzzle games, platformers, strategy games, anything top down doesn't need screens bigger than where you can read the fonts comfortably. Too big and you lose the overview. Unless it's made for VR like Tethered where being able to quickly look back and forth to scan the 'battlefield' is very helpful. Different devices and screen sizes for different games.