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Mr Puggsly said:
HollyGamer said:

Why PS5 cannot do 4k at 120fps?  Xbox One X already able to do 4k 60 pfs with Forza. PS5 will be minimum 2 times Xbox One X in GPU and 4 times in CPU of jaguar. If the graphic will be the same with GT Sport on PS4 graphic, i bet it will be easy for GT for PS5 to do 2x the result of Forza on xbox One X. 

Don partly explained why, next gen is also about a leap forward in visuals.

Forza 7 is 4K/60 fps, which is 8th gen graphics in about 8 million pixels. 8K however is more like 33 million pixels. X1X is not was a 2x increase in GPU power, it's more like 4.5x. PS4 Pro more than doubled the GPU power of PS4 and still doesn't hit 4K in GT Sport.

Even if PS5 had double the GPU power of X1X, we're talking about quadrupling the pixel count of 4K while improving graphics. In comparison achieving 120 FPS actually requires less power. Lastly, Forza 7 has lower GPU requirements than GT Sport. Forza 7 uses less demanding effects than something like GT Sport because it was built for a console with less GPU power.

Lastly, 8K isn't that important or a great use of limited console resources. Making the leap to 120 fps and improving visuals further will appeal to more people than 8K. I think many people using 9th gen consoles will still have 1080p TV. Which is fine because supersampling of 1440p-4K content actually looks really nice on a 1080p screen.

Next gen for majority of customers using console both 8k and 120p will be useless. Having a good/stable 4k30fps or 60fps (depending on the game) and using everything else to improve other aspects of the graphic will be much better use of power, and in some cases may even lower from 4k to do that.

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