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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

Why PS5 cannot do 4k at 120fps?  Xbox One X already able to do 4k 60 pfs with Forza. PS5 will be minimum 2 times Xbox One X in GPU and 4 times in CPU of jaguar. If the graphic will be the same with GT Sport on PS4 graphic, i bet it will be easy for GT for PS5 to do 2x the result of Forza on xbox One X. 

I would hope Zen 2 is more than 4x the performance of Jaguar... Otherwise console manufacturers aren't getting bang for buck.

It depend on what kind of customization they will do with zen 2, there is a rumor that it's not full Zen 2, instead a cutdown L cache and downlock core speed. I also used the CPU performance comparison between  Xbox SX (Scarlet) CPU with Xbox One X mentioned by Spencer and by Xbox official. Phil said the jump from One X to Series X on CPu is around 4 times.  I guess PS4 pro to PS5 will be even bigger due to Xbox One X CPU is faster than  Jaguar on Pro.