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Mr Puggsly said:

I don't believe you can really target an area per se. I mean you just have to reduce your body fat.

If you lose weight you generally lose it everywhere. I have a similar problem, I have skinny everything but I am cutting weight mostly just for a tighter stomach.

Frankly, you can do core exercises but the solution is really reducing your body fat. Generally people don't have great abs and fat everywhere else.

36 waist is kinda big for 155. Like pants size 36? It sounds like you have weight to lose. I am 5'11, 160 size 32.

Personlly I fast every day and I am a vegetarian. I eat like a entire day of food in only 4 hours, generally in the morning, then I eat nothing until the next morning. I look and feel much better since going this route but it may not be for everybody.

With most pants, not dress pants, the size of the pants does not correlate with waist size directly.  They shave a number or two off to make people feel better.  So, a 36 inch waist probably correlates to a size 34 for most jeans.