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Hiku said:
Vodacixi said:
I'm sure it's going to have plenty of content. However, we shouldn't use the file size to measure that. FF XIII was 38 GB on PS3, a massive size file for when it launched... and it turned out to be a bunch of corridors with a somewhat open area at the end.

I think the two discs is more telling than the filesize alone. That's an extra cost and logistics issue they'd rather avoid if they could.
Only one game so far has come on two discs this generation and that's Red Dead 2. Final Fantasy 7 and The Last of Us 2 will be the second and third.

TLoU 2 is gonna be two disks? Wow, didn't know that. I didn't like the first one so I'm not paying attention to the second one. That's crazy xD

I guess you have a point...