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deskpro2k3 said:

This is the Korean version of the cover and I assume it leaked from the printing company.

If you zoom in on the back by where the memory requirement is located you can see 100GB, that's on par with what Red Dead Redemption 2 requires and that's without a day one patch. This leads into the fact that people thought this game was going to be completely on rails, and episodic, that was shot down when we got the side quests revealed recently and the file size suggests that there will be a lot of things to do, see, and explore. It's worth repeating that this will be a full game taking place inside the city of Midgar and that we're getting a full games worth of content. There's also side quest from the people that lives in Midgar and they have their own stories to tell.

When I see Midgar in the original game I see a lot of potential to tell an amazing story inside the city alone that's why I always say we haven't really seen FF7, and I don't care what you say, no you haven't really seen it either. The prospect of a Midgar only game excited me because I can compare this city to the likes of a Yakuza or a GTA game that features hours of side content, and the size of the maps in Yakuza games is small in comparison to most open-world games but there's almost something to do on every street corner in Yakuza. This is the potential Midgar has in just this game alone with a file size of 100GB, and of course it could end up being bigger with patches.

Waiting for the 50GB day one patch to add to it.

About the maps on Yakuza it isn't only every corner, is almost every square meter. That may the reason I like it even with the open-world elements, you don't really have to walk far to get something new to do and that something isn't also very far away and you have good fights and completionist objectives meanwhile.

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