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Dulfite said:
JWeinCom said:

I gotta disagree with that... Not that I wouldn't like most of those features (except the app, which I can't see myself using), characters are the #1 thing I want in a Smash game.  And even if you personally have different preferences, do you think these new features would generate as much buzz and money as new characters?

Also, they did have an amiibo tournament.  Would be cool if they turned that into a regular thing.  Although you can use them in arena battles.  Dunno if you could make one specifically amiibo only.

I'd like to think people would want to throw more money at DLC that includes fun new ways to play and enjoy the game rather than just new skins on either identical or extremely similar characters, but I'd probably be wrong.

To me, except for the single player mode and potentially the app you mentioned, it seems like that's stuff I shouldn't have to pay for that stuff.  For example, we'll assume I want an Amiibo mode, how much could it really cost in terms of development to make an online amiibo mode?  May just be due to my lack of knowledge but I honestly feel like that should take like one person literally an hour to implement.