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SvennoJ said:

It's currently -18c here in Ontario, but it has been extremely mild before the sudden change last night. It went from +1 to -23 after a month of hovering around 0. It won't last, Sunday it will be above 0 again. The warmer average comes with wild swings in temperature and record snowfall in places, plus more flooding in spring. This was 2 years ago in the town 10 km from where I live.

A couple weeks of freezing then a quick melt and you get the 1 in a 100 years event which already happened twice now in a few years... This year there was no big ice jam yet a lot of snow then turning into rain and +10 degrees to cause the river to flood.

It seems a new record is set every few weeks... Newfoundland had to declare a state of emergency and the army was sent in to help dig them out less than a month ago after record snowfall for the area.

14,000 years ago, all of Canada was under mountains of snow.
Whos to say, if we throw the balance of the world out of order, something like that doesnt happend again?

Water covers around 2/3rds of the earths surface.
Large amounts of Heat distribution around the world, are impacted by ocean currents.

If our climate change effects things like the ocean currents (even to small degrees), it could effect such things as how hot or cold certain area's are.
So while europe is getting "hotter" it might be because less heat, is being moved to area's such as canada, which would then get colder.

Which might be a good thing, instead of all the snow/ice of say greenland just melting and riseing sea levels.
Maybe some of it can "build up" in canada, that way we dont just all drown, due to sea level rises :p