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It's currently -18c here in Ontario, but it has been extremely mild before the sudden change last night. It went from +1 to -23 after a month of hovering around 0. It won't last, Sunday it will be above 0 again. The warmer average comes with wild swings in temperature and record snowfall in places, plus more flooding in spring. This was 2 years ago in the town 10 km from where I live.

A couple weeks of freezing then a quick melt and you get the 1 in a 100 years event which already happened twice now in a few years... This year there was no big ice jam yet a lot of snow then turning into rain and +10 degrees to cause the river to flood.

It seems a new record is set every few weeks... Newfoundland had to declare a state of emergency and the army was sent in to help dig them out less than a month ago after record snowfall for the area.