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Mummelmann said:
No records, but here in Stockholm we've basically had a five-month autumn.
I've had to wash my car thoroughly two times a month due to all the shit and grime on the roads.

How was it there? did you guys get any snow?
It feels like its been a few years since we last so any "real" snow.
This year I dont even recall 1 single day with snow.

I remember when I was a kid, there was enough snow outsides on a nearby field were I lived,
that I could take a shovel and dig tunnels and crawl around out there on the field.

In recent times,we just dont get those amounts of snow.

Jan-feb are usually the coldest months of the year, here.
Meanwhile we havnt even had sub-zero temps most nights.

While global temps have risen like 1,5 degree or whatever, apparently in scandinavia its effects are higher.
Here its like 3-4 degree's, which make a big differnce if your "just" around where its cold enough to freeze or not.

So no snow, lots of rain... very mild winter.

on the upside, you save money on heating.