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mutantsushi said:
Not really sure what "canceled some previously planned features for a new mirrorless camera due this year owing to the constrained DRAM supply" means. Like they are keeping this camera but lowering amount of RAM which forces to drop certain software functionality with camera... or dropping camera, period? If they are expecting to leverage the camera for VR at all, that functionality can't really be touched, but who knows if this is for PiP HD videochat or something...?

Don't know specifics of Zhuge tweet, but to me ~$450+ is basically same as $460+ and IMHO that undermines idea XSX full version will noticeably outperform PS5. I guess if PS5's BoM includes camera that XSX doesn't, that could give XSX more room, but I'm not expecting much performance D contra to apparent common assumption. Either way, it seems they are targetting basically the same price, otherwise if they expect to come in $100 below it seems like it wouldn't be worth worrying about +/-$15.

The camera bloomberg mentioned are not part of Playstation , Sony has Camera division that produce camera . So we expect the same BOM and tech spec from PS5 and Xbox series X .