DonFerrari said:
sales2099 said:

Is this a full $60 game? Because I could have Minecraft for less then $10 on my iPhone for example. 

Yes let's compare different platforms and 10 years difference between release.

Since when have a game costing 60 become something problematic or preventing a game from have good sales? 60 would only be a problem if people don't find value on that. From memory Minecraft when launching on PS3/X360 was like 30USD right? Count inflation and you aren't that much apart.

Minecraft is just as popular if not more so then it was when it launched. It’s still very much relevant as games today in the same genre. You said the price was similar, which was intriguing to me. You made me genuinely curious, but if it’s $60 when PS4 itself has Minecraft available for $20 I just don’t see it being a fair fight beyond the first 2 months.