twintail said:
Chazore said:

Do you think it's anything else over money?.

This is Activision we're talking about here. 

Also, I don't see a fine print or a press conf where the other players stated "we will not ever be releasing these games on GFN".

I dont get the point of your question. I clearly stated that its a money move for all publishers, where you somehow seemed to suggest that it was something only the CEO of Activision would do. 

The same article from this thread even states that Blizzard has a license agreement that strictly forbids cloud streaming of their games. 

The other publishers I mentioned were in the beta programme, and dropped out before the official launch.You can find that info in the same article. I"m not saying nor suggesting the future might be different. I'm stating that there are other publishers who don't have their games on the service either. The present simpleness of my statement should have made it obvious that Iwas talking about the current situation. 

Because that's what it is. This is mainly about Activision pulling their plug, which directly holds it's link to it's CEO. The other known publishers also act the same, in the desire for all the money, rather than a slice, as deemed by Nvidia. It's become obvious over the years now with the whole self made storefront gig, and now self made sub game vault subs. I don't see why it would stop at streaming services, not when the other two are made evident that said companies want hardly any middle men that aren't going to pay them more (making the middle men with the worse off deal).

Blizzard has a lot of fine prints, but it fails to do a myriad of things (refunds being the most glaring of faults, that they should have been following to the code since day 1, hence why Australia is still wanting to take action, because Blizzard broke a code). The last thing I expect is a mere fine print holding them back from this.

We can talk all about law you and I, but they broke one before, and that's why they are in this mess with another country's government. Hell even EA is being sued in France for not complying with their laws, so you think a large company is going to always obey a little bit of fine print, when history has shown us that they break them whenever they feel like it?.