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Lafiel said:
as the article says this move doesn't make sense from the view of ActiBliz current relationship with the consumer, as geforce nows cloud gaming approach only could increase the reach of their games

the only way this makes a lick of business sense to me is, if they either
1. want to open a game streaming platform themselves (very unlikely)
2. or want to be payed for making their games available on such a service (maybe they even already made such a contract with one of them)

#2 screams Bobby's decision. I mean the guy is only about making more money. He doesn't care one bit about the games at all, so #2 sounds far more likely to me, and well, Nvidia also likes making a boatload of cash, so I guess they didn't play dice with Acti, and I guess R* as well (another company who just wants more cash).

This also makes me wonder if Stadia is doing anything behind the background in terms of making deals with them that outweigh Nvidia's.

Either way it's pretty shitty to see this happen for something that appears to be objectively better than Stadia, for the end user.