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Kinda tough question for me honestly given the fact that I played these two games during much different times during my gaming life. Its a question I always ask myself but never seem to gather an answer. I was 14 when I first played Skyrim and it was just mindblowing to me at the moment. The world was breathtaking and the game screamed immersion. I was hooked from the get go however I must admit during the time all I played was COD Modern Warfare 3 and black ops at the time without having much experience in RPGs, so it didnt take much to impress me. Then came along Witcher 3 when I was 18 with far more experience in gaming especially in RPGs but I felt the epicness of the game since the first dialogue exchange with Vesimer. Witcher 3 felt more of a journey rather than a mindless adventure like Skyrim and didnt offer the same level of exploration and player expression but the dialogue, narrative, side quests and choices and consequence system as well as graphics is the best gaming has to offer. For some reason I didnt fully appreciate Witcher until after I beat the game and realized no game offers what the Witcher does whereas in Skyrim i appreciated every moment even its clunkyness. I prefer judging a game based on the experience gained after completing such game rather than judging individual traits. Having said that both Skyrim and Witcher 3 are phenomenal games that provided the best experiences in gaming. I cant decide which is better