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Yeah why not sounds fun.

I'm male, 23. Born and raised in Latin America, and I've been living in the US for the past 6 years. Moved here for college. Currently residing in the Northeast, but I'm probably going to the South or California soon. We'll see.
I was raised in a very socially conservative community. I'm talking about all-male, fully Catholic Elementary, Middle, and High School with mandatory weekly mass, PLUS Sunday mass with my family. DESPITE all of this, I never was particularly religious. No reason at all to be honest. It just was like that. I never was questioning, or sought to prove or disprove Catholicism, nor do I have a negative opinion of religion. It just never struck a chord with me. I have a lot of love and respect for my Catholic friends and family, but it's just not something innate in me. I'm just fairly detached and uninterested in religion as a whole, even though I enjoy some Catholic traditions.

Not out yet. Working on it. If I had to take a guess, I feel my family would stand with me if I told them. They're religious, and not very open-minded, but probably more open minded than the average person from where I was raised.

I'd say the thing is, growing up, I barely understood the concept of "gay" even existed, which clearly, caused a lot of confusion. It was a slow, prolonged realization. It fully hit me one day, and that's just been life since. There are actually a couple friends in the US who know, and I'm happy that people here are so open minded. Compared to friends back in my hometown, it really is quite a sharp contrast.

I'm a Nintendrone until the end and well beyond.

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