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As for an Intro... (And to try and get this thread heading in the right direction!)

Little bit about me: I am 34 years young from South Australia... I have been "out" since I was 14 years of age, which didn't go down as well as I had hoped at home or in various social circles, nor was it my choice to even come out, lots of drama involved with that... It is sadly a common theme in the LGBT community, especially those who came out in the 90's or earlier, times were more Homophobic, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard had just altered the marriage act to exclude LGBTQI people for example.

Haven't spoken to my parents since... But that is okay, water off a ducks back. No fucks to give.
Happy to say I am more successful in life than they ever were.

I am a massive supporter of Science, Evidence and Sound logic, Ergo; Climate Change, Evolution, Atheism is at the top of my list. - And as someone who loves a good debate, will debate these topics until blue in the face. You better bring your best pair of evidence underwear.

I am a Retained Firefighter and an Emergency Services Officer where I also do Marine Rescues and Vertical Rescues. - Also work in the health industry.
Future career wise I have applied for a position as a firefighter for the Australian Defense Force... Failing that, I will likely do another season as a project firefighter with the National Parks.. I will be doing either on top of my current Firefighting position which is paid on a per-job basis.

But in my downtime I am a gamer, I love gaming, it's the best outlet for me to forget about the real world and simply relax and unwind... But I am probably preaching to the already converted here on the vgchartz front.

My primary platform is of course the PC and it's the strategy titles that really tickles my pickle... But also own Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles as well, which I really don't have any preferences for. (But I like to collect games, so there is that.)

At the moment game-wise I am building out my WiiU collection... As a console that is phased out and depreciated, it's a ripe time to collect for as the games and hardware are cheap.

And at the moment I am playing Pokemon Shield on the Nintendo Switch.

I also like cats.

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