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Azzanation said:

N64 lost to the PS1? Guess you must mean sales. N64 was on the market for 6 years, PS1 was sold for 12 years.
N64 had the better games overall PS1 had more games but not better.
I own and still do both machines and i enjoyed both systems alot but the N64 was miles ahead when it came to quality.

PS1 had shipped 73m units by March 31st 2000, 5 years and 4 months after it's launch in Japan. 6 years till discontinued vs 12 years till discontinued is irrelevant at that point. The PS1 also shipped 630m software by March 31st 2000, compared to N64's lifetime software shipments of 225m.

PS1 N64
Lifetime Sales 102.49m 32.93m
Aligned Sales >73m 32.93m
Games over 90 Meta 28 16
Software Sales 962m 225m
Aligned Software Sales >630m 225m
Total Number of Games 3066 388

Better lifetime sales, over double sales in the same time frame, more critically acclaimed games, over quadruple the software sales and a vastly higher number of games released. Preferring the N64 is fine, claiming the N64 didn't lose is a joke.

Last edited by Barkley - on 07 February 2020